The JSP format-trick for written numbers, in PostgreSQL

Most of the old hands on that "Otheracle" database know to to convert an integer into a "written number" by using the JSP format: Try that in psql and.. No joy: Dig around, and you find that this magical JSP format is vendor specific, and not present in PostgreSQL. Bummer Luckily, most problems have been solved before, so I found a few varieties of a usable function, notably one on the PG mailinglist archive (link to merlin) . And less than 5 min later: Problem Solved. With all Credit due to someone called "merlin" on the PG mailing list.

PGDAY.RU, Honored and Curious.

In one week from now, I will be visiting the event in St Petersburg. A big Thanks (Спасибо) goes to Timur Akhmadeev  for bringing the event to my attention. Curious as I am, I decided to try and send them some abstracts, and Low-and-Behold: I got selected to speak. Twice . Wow, Honored. My head was swelling with pride... To some of my oracle Friends: I can recommend visiting non-Oracle events: You can stop bickering about the CBO or the opatch-inventory, and re-start living again. We can learn a lot, and we may even warn the PG community of some of our oracle-based mistakes. It is Interesting and Fun just exploring the fellow-speakers and topics. The PG community seems full of talent and experience. For example, they are also (re)discovering the benefits of "smart-DB" and "thick-DB" (link to "continuous delivery of stored-procedures"). So today I got my Passport back (visum approved), and I am all set to go. I really look forward

Re Discovering PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL is the obvious replacement for Oracle databases. PostgreSQL Feels familiar to Oracle-educated staff. I have seen several of my Oracle friends moving into PostgreSQL, and recently two customers came up with request to "help us with PostgreSQL". I look forward to bringing some of my "Simple" philosophy to the PostgreSQL arena. Starting, if I can wing it, with a visit to the PGday in St Petersburg - a perfect excuse to venture my motorcycle into Russia.